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Dealing with Grief

by Jessica B. May 17th, 2024

We live in a society that constantly pushes us to be positive, but part of the human experience is also the grieving process, the way we as individuals handle overwhelmingly sad and tragic situations. For some it could be a

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The Sadness of Sabotage

by Lori Sciame May 10th, 2024

Some people have a difficult time finding love because they sabotage their own budding relationships. This means that instead of letting a connection develop gradually, they may seek to control or test the other person for several reasons. If a person finds himself or herself alone, even after being successful at getting first, second, and even third dates, he or she may want to investigate the idea of self sabotage.

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Cold & Flu Medication: High Blood Pressure

by Kimberly Hays May 3rd, 2024

When we get a cold or the flu, the first thing we normally do is reach for over the counter medications for relief of the symptoms. These medications are not completely off limits, but you should choose them wisely in order to keep your blood pressure in check. Multi-symptom cold and flu medications usually contain a decongestant, which will restrict blood vessels and cause the blood

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  • Signs of Heart Disease in Women

    by Jane Wangersky April 26th, 2024

    Most of us are now aware that women can and do have heart attacks. The Food and Drug Administration puts it very bluntly: "More women die from heart disease than from anything else. Any woman can get heart disease."

    But many of us, when we picture someone having a heart attack, see it in

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  • Health Crossroads for Men

    by Lori Sciame April 19th, 2024

    Men experience key times in their lives when their health may be compromised due to changes in behavior, changes in the environment, or even changes within their own bodies. These health crossroads can either be approached with a sense of confidence and control or with fear and ignorance. Curious? Read on to find out more about times when a man

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  • Repairing a Relationship

    by Lori Sciame April 12th, 2024

    Some relationships must end. For instance, in cases of physical and mental abuse, contact should be cut off in order for healing to begin. In other cases, where the hurts don't run quite so deep, a relationship can many times be salvaged. And in some cases, it may again flourish. This applies to relationships between friends, siblings, parents and children,

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