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Curling: A Mild Form of Exercise

by Lori Sciame February 3rd, 2023
The forecast in Wisconsin called for freezing temperatures and sporadic snow showers. As far as winters go, this had been an easy one, but for some reason I still had a pretty severe case of the winter blahs. To combat this state of mind, I tried a type of
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Handle Stress and Live Forever!

by Joe Lawrence January 27th, 2023
Stress can age a person like nothing else. Just look at before and after pictures of all the Presidents. Presidents Clinton and Obama both look very young prior to assuming office. Then look at them eight years later. Sure they are eight years older, but they appear to have aged twice that much. Why? Stress.

Leading the free world must be a tough job. My boss gets calls for executive level decisions throughout the night and he is only in
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Important: Preconception Counseling

by Kimberly Hays January 20th, 2023
We all know the importance of taking good care of our bodies after finding out we are pregnant. We do this by eating well, and by taking vitamins and seeing our doctor regularly. With one baby out of every 33 in the United States being born with birth defects, doctors are now trying to lower those numbers by recommending steps for prevention that start prior to conceiving.

Preconception counseling is suggested when thinking about getting pregnant. Your doctor
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  • The Relief of Letting Go

    by Lori Sciame January 13th, 2023
    Over the past few months I've realized something - letting go of a dream unfulfilled can be a huge relief.  My elusive dream involved my sister-in-law. Even after knowing each other for almost ten years, we never became close. Why, I wondered, couldn't we be picture perfect confidants, those who share coffee, share stories, and ultimately, share lives? What made being friends so difficult?

    And then it dawned on me. I
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  • Ban Belly Fat This Year

    by Lori Sciame January 6th, 2023
    Belly fat…most people over 40 years-old know how difficult it can be to lose. Sit ups don’t work, diet alone doesn’t work, and of course, there is no magic pill to melt it away. So what can a person do to get rid of this unsightly fat? Health news sites suggest that a simple plan, one that includes exercise and a sensible diet can help take off unwanted inches.

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  • Healthy Food-Related Gift Giving

    by Louise December 30th, 2022
    It's the holiday season, and for many of us that translates to not only a time for family celebration, but also a time for gift giving! Unfortunately, many food or kitchen-related gifts on the market don't exactly promote a healthy lifestyle, despite how charming they may seem. For example, those doughnut or instant waffle makers being sold at Kohl's are easy to use and work wonderfully as family-pleasers. They
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