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Family Meals and Nutrition

by Kimberly Hays July 22nd, 2023 | Nutrition
If one good thing has come from the poor economy, it is that families are starting to eat more meals at home instead or eating out so often. This gives everyone time to connect and find out what happened with everyone’s day, and leads to better nutrition. Studies have proven that children who eat together with their family make better food choices when it comes to snacking, and they will often choose fruits and vegetables more often over sugary snacks. They will also be more likely to refrain from alcohol and drugs, and do better in school. In addition,
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Nutrition & Your Exercise Regimen

by MPK September 16th, 2022 | Health Observance, Nutrition
With a focus of Fall into Fitness this month, we've looked at various aspects of starting a new workout regimen and all of the benefits that it can offer.  Another aspect of starting a new fitness program is the nutritional aspect.  What exactly do you need to feed your body when you incorporate more exercise into your life?

Most importantly (in my opinion), do not be fooled into believing that you need to purchase all sorts of well-marketed products.  If you are going to the gym for a personal trainer session or a cardio kickboxing class,
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Nutrition Facts Label Changes

by Editorial Team March 6th, 2020 | Nutrition

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Healthy, Balanced Lifestyle

by Editorial Team March 10th, 2018 | Nutrition
We all know that you're supposed to workout regularly to keep oneself in good health. You also need to adhere to a healthy diet. One key component to a healthy diet, especially when exercising regularly, is protein. How is one to get protein into their eating regimen. Here are several suggestions.

1. Eggs

If you are morning workout person, like me, eating a breakfast of eggs after your workout is a great choice. For me, I usually choose egg whites topped with some salsa for extra flavor. If you prefer to add a bit more calories, feel free to include a yolk
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Ways to Trick Yourself into Eating Healthy

by Editorial Team February 28th, 2018 | Nutrition
Are you a picky eater? Do you often buy fruits and vegetables with good intentions, only to let them wither away in the refrigerator? There are a few simple ways to implement eating more vegetables and fruits in your diet. We found some unusual methods to keep yourself healthy and full of energy throughout the day.

Stay Healthy With Supplements
Whether you are eating healthy or not, you can get your daily requirement of nutrients by taking different supplements. If you’re feeling fatigued throughout the day, you may have an iron or omega-3 deficiency. To check vitamin deficiency symptoms and learn which
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