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Summer Tips for Children

by Tom Seman MD FAAP May 31st, 2024 | Pediatrician on Call

How can I make summer more enjoyable for my child?

June is almost here, a time of endings and new beginnings, where children are finishing their school year and entering vacation. The many complaints of waking up early and getting ready for the bus or carpool are gone, thankfully. Days filled with schedules and routines have ended, and the children should be happy and ready to have fun. But wait, they are now complaining about nothing to do. Some seem restless, maybe even a little irritable or anxious. Why?

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Styes on the Eyes

by Tom Seman MD FAAP January 26th, 2024 | Children's Health, Pediatrician on Call

My son gets styes on his eyes frequently. Could there be an underlying condition, or is this something that I really shouldn't worry a lot about? Also, is there anything special I can do to treat them at home?

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul. Unfortunately something so important that is used continuously is often prone to minor problems. One of the most common is a stye. A stye, also known as a hordeolum (pronounced "hor-dee-OH-lum"), is a red sore lump near the

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Natural Remedies to Keep Kids Healthy in Winter

by Kimberly Hays December 8th, 2023 | Children's Health

There is a lot of information on how to naturally treat illnesses that kids get in winter like colds, the flu, sore throats, and earaches, but it is equally, if not more important to know how to ward off these illnesses beforehand. Using natural remedies that are simple and effective will not only keep your child healthy, but they will also keep the rest of the family healthier by reducing the amount of harmful germs in your home.

Hand Washing Habits- As soon as the kids are

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Probiotics Boost Children’s Health

by Joe Lawrence November 22nd, 2019 | Children's Health
The start of the school year and the approaching winter months often mean the beginning of cold and flu season. Our tiny little petri dishes are getting sniffles, ear infections, and everything else. Although, there is no way to completely cure these issues, there is a way to help prevent them.

Probiotics are the unsung heroes of immune system boosting. They introduce good bacteria into the body that help to digest food and ward off the bad bacterium that cause us and our children to get sick. These good bacteria go a long way to keeping the digestive system healthy.
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Marijuana and Teens

by Tom Seman MD FAAP September 13th, 2019 | Pediatrician on Call
How does marijuana affect a growing teen?

Marijuana, cannabis, pot, weed, or herb are all names of the same plant that is used for its mind altering effects. Rapidly increasing in the teen population over the last several decades, more than half of high school seniors report using marijuana at least once with approximately a quarter of them reporting use in the last month.

A study out of Yale, published this month, showed that over 1/3 of teens that smoke marijuana abused prescription opiates. As such marijuana, along with alcohol and tobacco, is listed as a gateway drug.

The effect on the
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