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Disinfect to Kill Flu Germs

by Kimberly Hays February 1st, 2019 | Common Conditions
This has been a rough flu season, and although some reports state that the number of cases is dropping in some areas in the United States, we are still in the middle of an epidemic. If you have anyone in your household that is experiencing the flu, or is getting over the flu, you need to take precautions to rid your home of flu germs. These tips are also good if you have any kind of contagious virus in your home, and they are great if you work in an office where viruses are rampant.

Use Paper Products – Instead
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When Grief Becomes Physical: How Loss Impacts Our Health

by Editorial Team January 15th, 2019 | Common Conditions

The death of a loved one is one of the most common yet adverse life events as we grow older. Those words by G.A. Bonanno will always ring true and will always justify why people care so much about staying as healthy as possible. A common misconception is that grief has mostly to do with emotion rather than an actual physical issue. The truth of the matter is that grief can have a severe impact on the physical state of a person.

A Literal Broken Heart


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Living to 100: Secrets of Octogenarians

by Editorial Team November 20th, 2018 | Common Conditions
Do you know anyone who’s over 100 years old? It’s estimated that over 300,000 individuals around the world are centenarians -- and that this number will continue to increase over time. Many continue to thrive cognitively and socially with a good number of them claiming to have a unique secret to their longevity. Some may say it’s their daily habits, others may say it’s their positive attitude. These things may certainly be of influence. But there are also some specific and surprising natural molecules that are part of the secret to reaching the milestone age of 100. 


Produced by cells
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Self-Improvement Can Make You a Better Parent

by Editorial Team October 31st, 2018 | Common Conditions

You may not even realize that your personal demons are inhibiting your ability to care for your children. By seeking help to improve yourself, you can become a better role model for your children, as well as becoming more responsible in caring for them. This especially true, when your problems are affecting your ability to manage the household.

Drug Rehab Can Help with Substance Abuse

Even if you don't feel that you're addicted, your drug or alcohol use may be affecting your children in many ways. Studies have found that children, who see their parents abuse substances, are more

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Top Benefits of TMS Treatment for Depression Revealed

by Editorial Team October 29th, 2018 | Common Conditions

In today’s world, there are more than a few factors that contribute to severe depression. Not only can certain foods and substances trigger depression, along with stress, peer pressure and more, depression can also be triggered by the all-mighty social media sites. With possible bullying, scandals and just the news that comes across them if you are already prone to depression to begin with, time spent trolling these sites can worsen your symptoms. Luckily, there are new advances in the treatment of depression, including TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), a treatment that is showing promising results. If you aren’t

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