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How to Prevent Getting Hurt from Slips and Falls at Work

by Editorial Team October 22nd, 2018 | Common Conditions
Slips and falls cause millions of injuries per year. The majority of these accidents happen on the same level. Moreover, they contribute to sick days, lost wages and emotional stress. Many of these incidents could have been avoided with some simple prevention awareness. Especially while at work, you should actively take steps to avoid an accident. While your employer may provide sufficient training and safety notices, the responsibility to stay healthy remains on you. To keep yourself healthy and working, this post will explain how to prevent slips and falls at work.

Clean Up Your Space

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Dizzy Spells – A Hidden Risk Factor for Seniors

by Editorial Team October 22nd, 2018 | Common Conditions
Dizziness is a common among seniors and is a persistent health concern that accompanies aging. An estimated 30 percent of seniors above age 60 experience dizziness, and the prevalence is expected to increase. Dizziness can be caused by something as minor as an ear infection, or as serious as impending stroke. No matter what the root cause, dizziness significantly affects seniors’ risk of serious injury.

Dizziness remains one of the leading reasons why seniors visit their doctor, and for good reason. Seniors 65 years and older are at a higher risk of health issues related to dizziness.

Here is a rundown
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Forget Being Perfect. Just Be You

by Editorial Team October 20th, 2018 | Common Conditions

There’s power in being a woman. Yet, there are personal and social pressures that force women to believe that perfection is achievable. To be the “ideal” woman you should be married, have children, hold down a good job, and maintain the house - all while being a perfect size and keeping the perfect look. As a result of these high and truly unreasonable expectations, many women struggle throughout life. Desperate to be the perfect mother, wife, professional, friend, and resemble the essence of “true beauty”, lots of women take drastic measures to be perfection.

In reality, no one is

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5 Tips to Overcoming Emotional Stress After a Car Accident

by Editorial Team October 3rd, 2018 | Common Conditions
Traffic accidents can do an awful amount of physical damage, inside and out. However, most drivers only think of the physical damage, to themselves and their vehicle, and ignore what such a traumatic experience can do to them emotionally. As a result, many don’t see the symptoms of serious emotional trauma until it is too late. Drivers should remember that after an accident feeling extreme emotions, dealing with insomnia or nightmares, and even flashbacks are common and a natural way the mind deals with what has happened. Fear not, because no matter how bad it seems, these emotional
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Making the Right Choices for Your Health

by Editorial Team September 18th, 2018 | Common Conditions
In the times of our lives, we are all faced with the occasional big decision.  Often these are health related choices that can mean life, or death.  These vital moments of choice can often determine the destiny of not only the decision makers, but also the folks around them who can somehow be affected by it.  Parents have to make these types of health decisions for their children all the time.  So let’s examine the fundamentals of some of these choices and see if there are some signs to help us better decide what should be done.

To Operate or
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