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Breast Cancer – New Treatments

by Abigail B. March 8th, 2005 | Cancer
Breast Cancer chemotherapy is known as a therapy of brutalizing proportions. Highly toxic drugs are still given in high doses through chemotherapy but there is a difference. Fat coated droplets are released. These droplets must be heated to 102 degrees before the toxins can be released. The breast is gently warmed until the cell killing compounds are released only in the breast. This brutalizing treatment actually becomes relatively pleasant. Each year there are 215,000 cases and 40,000 deaths, but slowly, incrementally, new approaches for combating this cancer in a more humane way are being developed. One of the most important
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Macular Degeneration

by Abigail B. March 5th, 2005 | Diseases, Vision
Nearly two million people are affected by macular degeneration and this is the leading cause of blindness for those over 65. One fifth of all 80 year-olds suffer from this age-related disease.. There is a central region of the retina where an image must be recorded which is on a tiny piece of tissue that is only about two millimeters in diameter. When that small piece of tissue dysfunctions, we have macular degeneration.

A test to determine if this is the disease that is robbing a patient of his sight is to inject a fluorescent die into the blood stream. In
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