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Home Healthy- The Rise of Eco-Friendly Household Products

by Editorial Team December 19th, 2016 | Health News
Keeping a clean home is one of the ways you take care of your family's health, but if you choose the wrong products, you could be creating indoor health hazards and damaging the environment every time you clean. According to the Environmental Working Group, three out of four household cleaning products have negative effects on human respiratory health. In addition to respiratory issues, some cleaning products can cause other serious problems like fertility issues, birth defects, and cancer, as well as being harmful for the environment.

Finding healthy and eco-friendly alternatives keeps getting easier as more people become aware of the issues
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Move Over Fitbit the Apple Watch Sport Is in Town

by Editorial Team December 6th, 2016 | Health News
Image via Flickr by William Hook

Are you in the market for a smart watch? If you're mostly interested in fitness tracking, you might be tempted to try the Fitbit Surge or Blaze, but for most users the stylish Apple Watch Sport from T-Mobile is well worth the extra cost. With 18 hours of battery life and light-weight 1.06 ounce body, it’s convenient and fits easily into your day to day life. Plus, with a reliable network like T-Mobile’s, you can easily pair it with your iPhone and stay connected all day long. Activity tracking is at the core of
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How to Make Sure You Have a Clean Bill of Health

by Editorial Team November 21st, 2016 | Health News
Staying healthy isn’t difficult when you’re informed. A clean bill of healthy can only come from a health conscious lifestyle and no quick fix will keep you healthy for very long. If you have any serious concerns about your health, you should always contact your doctor first. However, to get you on track to making healthy decisions, here are a few tips to leading a healthy life:

Eat well

Eating well is the first step to staying healthy. We need to have all of the right nutrients and vitamins in our diet to keep our body in top shape and functioning properly.
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Bemer Circulation

by Editorial Team October 28th, 2016 | Health News
The heart is an amazing organ, necessary for every waking second of our lives. Blood circulation is the critical and key function your heart preforms. Bemer technology aids in this circulation, allowing for more efficient blood flow. Bemer circulation is essential for the circulatory system to be firing on all cylinders, carrying blood through every nook and cranny of your body inside tubes we know as vessels. Blood is essential. It transports fresh oxygen from the lungs to the body’s many tissues, as well as feeding those same tissues critical nutrients for growth and daily maintenance. Bemer circulation allows
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Men: Don’t Ignore This

by Lori Sciame February 5th, 2015 | Health News
Valentine's Day is over, but that doesn't mean a man should quit thinking about hearts, specifically his own heart. This is because heart disease is a very real threat to a man's health. In fact, over 715,000 people in the United States alone suffer a heart attack each year (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC). Since a man has only one heart (hopefully) his entire life, it's appropriate that during February, the month designated for love, that he should take some time to learn more about how to keep his heart in tip top shape.

Quick List of Don'ts

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