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by Bea October 11th, 2010 | Health News, Health Research
A recent article in CNN Health wrote about "Who is Better at Sweating: Men or Women?"

Just to be on the same page, allow me to explain what "sweat" is. Yes, it can smell sometimes, but there are a lot of benefits to it. There are a few types of sweat. Perspiration is made up of water, salt, and a small amount of electrolytes. The purpose of it is to regulate the fluid balance in your body. One type of sweat cools the body because it evaporates on the surface of the skin. This type of sweat develops from the
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There’s an Apple for That!

by TJ Davis August 16th, 2010 | Diet, Health Research
Want white teeth and healthy gums? Want to considerably lower your cholesterol? Want to an easy way to increase the fiber in your diet? Want to lower your risk for osteoporosis and certain cancers? Want help with managing your diabetes? Yeah... there's an APPLE for that!!

If you have ever wondered just why an apple a day is said to keep the doctor away, you may be interested to learn that eating apples provides many healthful benefits, from dentition and digestion to diabetes management and more.

Apples contain pectin which acts as a natural tooth whitener, and biting and chewing the
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Colon Cleansing Conundrum

by TJ Davis August 13th, 2010 | Health Research, Herbal Supplements
If you are confused about the benefits of, hazards of, or even the need for colon cleansing, you are not alone. The debate about whether or not colon cleansing or colon therapy is good for you has never really been resolved. Colon cleansing is most often achieved these days with the aid of herbal supplements designed to speed up the digestive process and promote bowel elimination.

Critics object to the idea of colonic cleansers because they maintain that the body performs this function without assistance, and attempting to flush the intestines artificially can lead to increased risk of dehydration. Proponents
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The Functional Movement Screen

by Bea August 6th, 2010 | Health Research
Functional movement, do you have it?  The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is based off the idea of our body being properly aligned and maintained so that our normal range of movement is not restricted in any way.  How your body is aligned is an important part of your life that many are not aware of, so you may want to take more time to learn about FMS other than just this article. The FMS theory and exercises have been researched refined for 15 years by Gary Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS and Lee Burton, PhD, ATC, CSCS.  Gary is a
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Test Your Genes Today for Weight Loss Potential!

by Abigail B. March 22nd, 2010 | Exercise, Health News, Health Research
Sadly more adults are overweight or obese today than ever before. According to the Mayo Clinic, Interleukin Genetics, Inc’s division Inherent Health is now offering an at-home test you can take to decide if your DNA is to blame for your heavy condition. In a short time, you’ll know if you can blame your family – or that half-eaten cheesecake sitting in the fridge.

You can purchase Inherent Health’s test online for $149. They send you a kit to swab your DNA and return it for the test results. Their laboratory then looks for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
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