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Gifts of Health

by Lori Sciame November 18th, 2022 | Men's Health, Pain Management
The present buying frenzy has begun.  We make lists, run from store to store, and wrap frantically all in the name of love.  Why not take the love you feel for the men in your life and push it a step further?  To do this, purchase presents that inspire healthy living. By choosing to give gifts that improve a man's health, you will be making a positive impact on a loved one's life.  Read this post to learn more about giving gifts of health.

A Year of Fresh Fruit

Maybe your dad lives hundreds of miles away.  If so, a great
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Nootropics: Key to Boosting More Than Brain Health

by Editorial Team May 16th, 2018 | Pain Management
Imagine being able to take a simple pill that would make you instantly more intelligent? What if there was a pill that would enhance your cognitive abilities such as your focus, memory, attention, motivation, and other brain functions? If you have ever seen the film Limitless, it turns out the movie may be far from fiction. According to studies from Stanford University, research shows that multitasking is less productive than focusing at one job at a time, while another study in the U.K found that multitasking also plays a negative effect on the brain. However, staying sharp is how more opportunities are created, which
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Walking Helps Ease Arthritis

by Lori Sciame July 12th, 2011 | Exercise, Pain Management
If you suffer from arthritis, and you do not currently exercise, there is good news for you. The Arthritis Foundation has developed a walking program specifically for arthritis sufferers, and it helps to relieve pain.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that, “An estimated 50 million U.S. adults (about 1 in 5) report doctor-diagnosed arthritis. As the U.S. population ages, these numbers are expected to increase sharply.”

In essence, there are a lot of people suffering from pain because of this debilitating disease. That is why this simple exercise program is important for many. In addition to exercise,
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