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A New Leaf

by Lori Sciame September 29th, 2023 | Health Observance, Men's Health
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manThe cliche, turning over a new leaf, connects beautifully with autumn.  As the gold, orange, and red leaves fall from the trees, one can choose to think about the tiny buds that will take their place next spring instead.  It may sound counter-intuitive, but I propose that we should think of fall as a time for beginning again, and not as a time to curl up into a ball for hibernation.

For a man who has let his health go, now is the time to think about turning over a new leaf, one that will give him a new life. Want to improve your heath this fall?  Read this post for quick and easy tips to become the man you want to be.

One Step at a Time

A man doesn’t become 100 pounds overweight overnight; therefore, he will not lose the extra weight over night either.  It is key to take on new healthy habits and behaviors slowly.  Small changes, kept up over time, will make a huge difference in the long run.  For instance, instead of plopping down on the couch every night after work, think of a way to remain active for 15 minutes five days per week.  Walk, jog, play with the kids, clean the house…just get moving.  After a few weeks, increase the time spent being active.  As fall wears on, you will notice an increase in energy.  You will probably lose a few pounds as well.

The same goes for improving your diet.  Small changes, such as cutting out soda and chips will make a difference.  Vow to add more fresh fruits and vegetables, and cut down on red meat as well.  In a few month’s time, your cholesterol reading will invariably be lower.

The key to improved health remains: keep up healthy habits over time, and you will be slimmer and trimmer because of it.

Not Dr. Who?

Another easy step to take this fall: get a full check up.  Many men despise going to the doctor. The reasons vary, but for many, the clinic and/or hospital are viewed as “no man’s land.”  If you can’t remember the name of your doctor, or even the last time you had a physical, make an appointment.

When you do go, make a point of writing down your blood pressure, your cholesterol number, your current weight, and any other information you feel pertinent. After sticking to your plan to remain active and to eat better for an entire year, visit the doctor again to repeat the tests.  You will most likely be surprised at how these numbers have lowered!

Stressed, Me?

A final step to a healthier you: get rid of stress. Life is full of hassles, yet it’s how you deal with these stressors that is important. Instead of turning to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain, find healthier alternatives.  Listen to music, take a run, text a friend…anything to lessen the pressure felt.  Sometimes men don’t realize that just talking it out with a trusted friend can work wonders.




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