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Absorbability of Hemp Spray

by Editorial Team July 29th, 2020 | Health News
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Hemp products are everywhere. In supermarkets, online, clothing stores and brick and mortar stores dedicated to hemp and CBD products. But which is the right option for you and your body’s needs? There is a rapidly growing body of scientific research around this perceivably miracle plant and its derived products, which helps everyone understand its best use for various ailments and needs. 

Capsules, balms and lotions are perhaps the most commonly available methods of delivery of hemp oil. Some companies are taking it to another level and creating more bioavailable products, such as sublingual hemp spray and injectables. Pills and capsules are the least bioavailable, and the trend moves upward to injections and sprays, where those are the most absorbable by our bodies, naturally. 

Whether your needs are for muscle relaxation, help with insomnia, pain, intimacy, inflammatory issues such as IBS, arthritis and other challenges, there is most likely a hemp or CBD product made for what your body can benefit greatly from. With last year’s passing of the farm bill, hemp farmers are challenged to keep up with the market needs of this seemingly miracle plant that’s been around for centuries. The newness of the market has created a deep and wide appreciation for these products by people of all walks of life, with all types of health challenges. While there was previously a great stigma around this type of product, they’re now consumed by people from all sectors of society. 

Depending upon your body’s needs, the capsules might be the best option. If you find yourself needing something a little more absorbable, perhaps the hemp spray is right for you. Whatever you choose, you’re embarking on a journey to better health.  

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