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Another Path to Better Health

by Lori Sciame August 12th, 2022 | Men's Health
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manWho does a man trust when he has questions about life?  In most cases, he values the opinions of his parents, his spouse, his adult children, and his best friend.  But what about when it comes to his health?  How does he know what information should be trusted?  Of course, well meaning family members and friends may know exactly what to do for a specific health concern, and a health professional is surely the expert; however, there is an additional path to better overall health – seeking the truth in health cliches.

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise – Benjamin Franklin

School children in the US learn several quotes by Ben Franklin in early history classes, and this quote is among the most popular.  What Franklin says in this well known cliche has truth behind it; a man should get enough sleep in order to obtain physical and mental health.  This pathway to better health couldn’t be easier, as who doesn’t understand the concept of getting enough sleep to function at peak efficiency?  Although the amount of sleep each man needs varies, it’s best to sleep at least seven hours each night and not try to get by on four to five hours.

Look before you leap for as you sow, ye are like to reap – Samuel Butler

Another well know quote originated years ago. Although a man may not recognize the entire quote by this famous poet, he will certainly have heard the words, “look before you leap.” Basically, this means that one should carefully consider the consequences of his actions, as things may turn out badly.  The lesson here is that before a man chooses to take part in unhealthy habits, such as drinking too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or doing drugs, he should realize the toll that doing so will take on his body.  Even those who want to become stronger should realize that steroids will only hurt one’s physical self.

Another way to look at this quote involves immediate risk.  Sadly, most of us know a young man who raced his motorcycle or car too fast and ended up losing control, and ultimately his life.  For better health, and a long life, this cliche tells us to shun unnecessary risks.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away – Old English Saying

This is a final cliche that promises to make true difference in one’s health. Isn’t it awesome that for hundreds of years, people have known that eating fresh fruit will improve one’s health status? Apples do this by helping to clean the teeth as they are being eaten, to providing necessary roughage when being digested, and even much needed vitamins while being absorbed.  Other added bonuses: apples are low in calories and in fat. Take this saying to heart, and eat more of this amazing fruit for an easy pathway to improved health.

Are there any health sayings or cliches that you live by?  If yes, share with readers in the comment section below.

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