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Cold & Flu Medication: High Blood Pressure

by Kimberly Hays May 3rd, 2024 | Health Observance
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High Blood Pressure

When we get a cold or the flu, the first thing we normally do is reach for over the counter medications for relief of the symptoms. These medications are not completely off limits, but you should choose them wisely in order to keep your blood pressure in check. Multi-symptom cold and flu medications usually contain a decongestant, which will restrict blood vessels and cause the blood pressure to go up. Instead, make more careful choices for your treatment.

There are newer formulas that are developed specifically for those with hypertension (high blood pressure) and heart disease. Check the boxes, or consult your pharmacist to be certain. Though these drugs do not contain a decongestant, they do contain other powerful drugs, and you should be careful by following the dosage to a tee, and not take a dose earlier than prescribed or take extra medication if you are not feeling relief.

Since decongestants are the most harmful ingredient for those with high blood pressure, you can try some alternatives to relieve your stuffy nose. Saline nose spray is very effective in clearing the sinuses, as well as using a cool mist humidifier which will add moisture to your home and help with a stuffy nose as well as coughing and chest congestion.

To relieve other symptoms, you can use an over the counter pain reliever, which is also a fever reducer, that will also reduce pain of a headache or a sore throat, and ease muscle aches. Do check with your doctor before making a choice on what is best for you take, like aspirin or Tylenol, especially if you are already on an aspirin regimen, or taking other prescription medications that may interact with them. Aside from these medications, drinking plenty of fluids and getting a lot of rest should have you feeling better in no time.

If your symptoms remain for more than 10 days, be sure to see your doctor, because a respiratory infection may have developed, and you will need to be examined to determine if a prescription medication is needed to help you get well.

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