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Exercise Goals 2012

by Lori Sciame December 26th, 2011 | Exercise
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What exercise goals do you want to accomplish in 2012?  Maybe you want to run in your first 5k, maybe you want to increase the amount of weight you can lift, maybe you just want to stick to a regular exercise plan, or maybe you want to join a sports team.  (When playing sports it’s important to have protective gear like you see on some motorcross blog.)  Whatever your intentions, read on to become inspired to tackle (and reach) the goals you set for yourself.

1.  Every person CAN exercise.

No matter your physical limitations, every person can exercise in some manner.  Here’s an example.  For several years I worked with senior citizens in assisted living centers and in nursing homes.  These residents enjoyed learning ways they could become stronger, even as they approached the final years of their lives. We laughed together as we did seated leg raises, and we shared stories while we lifted 2 lb weights.  My point?  The people in these programs embraced the idea that change can happen, even if confined to a wheel chair.  Approach your exercise program for 2012 with the same can-do attitude as these seniors, and you will work towards accomplishing your goal.

2.  Exercise IS good for you.

Sure, you’ve heard all the hype – humans were meant to move, and the more we do, the greater our chances for living long, healthy lives.  Take my cousin’s husband for instance…he began to run religiously over the course of the last decade, and he is in the best shape of his life at 46 years old!  He even completed a lengthy race that is known for being all up hill.  My husband also exercises every day, making it a point to work out on his lunch hour.  What both of these men know, exercise helps the body to stay strong, the mind to stay agile, and the heart to keep beating for a long time.

3.  Our moods DO improve because of exercise.

It can’t be denied; exercise chases away the blues.  Studies have shown that a regular exercise program can positively affect a person’s outlook on life, and what could be better than seeing life as the glass half full instead of the glass half empty?  If you think about it, have you ever seen a depressed person leading exercise classes?  Think of Denise Austin’s huge smile. So, begin your exercise program with the understanding that your mood will improve through regular and vigorous movement.

4.  Everyone DOES have setbacks.

Did you know that every athlete has setbacks?  There are times when injuries, surgeries, or even life events stop people from exercising; however, the key is to start again.  Just because you missed a day in your new routine, don’t throw in the towel.  Sticking to your plan will pay off in the long run.  I know you’ve all heard the story of the tortoise and the hare.  The tortoise moved slowly, but he kept going, his eyes on the prize; in essence, he won because of his focus, and his determination to reach his goal.  Be like the tortoise, and view your goal as something you will keep trying to accomplish.

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