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First Aid Kit Update

by MPK February 10th, 2010 | First Aid, Injuries
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In December, we published an article about the essential first aid supplies you should keep at your house.  This quite thorough list will have you prepared for almost any minor injury or illness.  However, after a recent injury occurred at our house, we discovered that one important item was lacking- non-adhesive dressings.

The list provided by the American Red Cross does include many important supplies for wounds.  An assortment of sizes of adhesive bandages is useful for cuts, especially as most bandages have a non-adhesive pad.  Sterile gauze pads and absorbent compress dressings are useful for cleaning and padding a larger wound.  However, if you have a large open wound or a wound in a location that is difficult to cover with a bandage, you want a non-adhesive dressing to cover the wound.  The gauze pad or compress dressing will stick to the wound, which means more pain (and possibly bleeding) when changing the dressing.

Check your first aid supplies.  Make sure you have all of the recommended supplies, and add a box of non-adhesive dressings to prepare yourself for any injuries.

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