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Getting to Know Your Pediatrician

by Editorial Team March 20th, 2018 | Children's Health
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As a new parent, you’ve done lots of research. You’ve found the best car seat, the best crib, and many other products you’ll need. You also have found the pediatrician who you think will be best for your little one. That’s an important decision, as this person will help you make medical decisions and watch your child grow, possibly for the next eighteen years.

When you attend your first appointment, you may be nervous or excited. This is the beginning of a long relationship. There will be the routine pieces- height, weight, heartbeat. There also will be questions about habits at home- eating, sleeping, diapers, and more.

Your pediatrician also will ask questions about lifestyle. Is there smoking in the home? Do you wear a seatbelt? Is the baby’s car seat safely secured? For now you’ll answer the questions, but as your child gets older, he or she can begin to answer them. Your pediatrician may even have suggestions about products that he or she prefers, such as Nuna, Premium Car Seats, Pushchairs, and Baby Gear AU, that have excellent safety ratings.

Since it’s a two-way relationship, you may have questions for your doctor. You may be curious as to whether he or she is a parent, has gone through similar issues or illnesses with his or her child, and many other things. While it is good to get to know your doctor better (and you will over time), it also is good to keep in mind that this is a professional relationship.

As an example, you may share with the pediatrician that you are moving from one house to another. However, you wouldn’t ask him or her about his housing, whether he or she rents or owns, or if he has any physician loans. Even if your pediatrician got a great rate on a mortgage, he or she probably won’t share that during your appointment.

Your child’s doctor plays an important role in his or her development. Be sure to maintain an open and honest relationship that focuses on your child, and it’s sure to go well.

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