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Gifts of Health

by Lori Sciame November 18th, 2022 | Men's Health, Pain Management
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SONY DSCThe present buying frenzy has begun.  We make lists, run from store to store, and wrap frantically all in the name of love.  Why not take the love you feel for the men in your life and push it a step further?  To do this, purchase presents that inspire healthy living. By choosing to give gifts that improve a man’s health, you will be making a positive impact on a loved one’s life.  Read this post to learn more about giving gifts of health.

A Year of Fresh Fruit

Maybe your dad lives hundreds of miles away.  If so, a great gift of health would be fresh fruit.  Harry and David offers this option in their ever popular Fruit-of-the-Month Club. Your dad will be excited to receive a different fruit each month, from crisp apples to juicy strawberries.  This is a great way to improve his diet, as health officials recommend that Americans need several servings of fruits and vegetables per day.  Click here to learn more about this exciting gift of health.

Monthly Inspiration

If you have a brother who shies away from the Internet, he may not have access to the health information he needs.  A book or a magazine gift subscription is in order.  Pick reading material that pertains to diet and exercise.  He can then read the many tips concerning health at his leisure. Men’s Health might be a great choice. This magazine not only covers diet and weight loss, it offers tips on sexual health and style.  Follow this link to take a peek on what they offer. If that won’t work for the man on your list, a visit to the local bookstore will provide plenty of options.

Movement Made Fun

Buying gifts that help to make exercise fun will encourage a positive lifestyle change.  Be creative.  Fill a colorful plastic tub with a quality jump rope, exercise bands, free weights, and even a hackey sack.  Other ideas to promote movement: a air hockey table, a Wii console and game, a Twister game…you get the idea!  These gifts can take the drudgery out of working out. You can even offer to play these games with him!

Toys for Outside

Toys that must be used outdoors promote health perfectly.  Expensive toys include: a bicycle, a remote control airplane, and a metal detector. These will surely entice a man to leave the computer and the remote behind and head outside.  Other, more affordable, toys that need to be used outside: basketball, bean bag game, Jarts, tennis racket, kite, ice skates, sled, and ball/glove.  A man never forgets his childhood adventures; therefore, give him a gift that lets him relive a joyful time of his life.  I guarantee that something that he remembers from a Christmas past will put a huge smile on his face – plus encourage him to move.

The love you have for your male friends and relatives can have an impact on their health, especially when you purchase gifts that will either improve their diet or encourage them to exercise.  Why not give the gift of health this year?

 (Photo courtesy of Ruxandra Moldoveanu)


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