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Handle Stress and Live Forever!

by Joe Lawrence January 27th, 2023 | Aging Well
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stressed (1024x1024)Stress can age a person like nothing else. Just look at before and after pictures of all the Presidents. Presidents Clinton and Obama both look very young prior to assuming office. Then look at them eight years later. Sure they are eight years older, but they appear to have aged twice that much. Why? Stress.

Leading the free world must be a tough job. My boss gets calls for executive level decisions throughout the night and he is only in charge of a small piece of the pie, relatively. It is tough to imagine the calls and the weight of the decision required behind the calls and the stress that would accompany each.

You and I am not the president and can rest assured we will not be anytime soon. However, we still face stress every day. When the bills are coming due and the account is low. When the child is sick and not sleeping. When we make a bad decision at work and are awaiting “the talk” with the boss. Stress is inevitable.

You could choose a simple three step process: cry, deflect blame, and RUN! Or you could do my process: respond according to your priorities and act upon a decision.

When a stressful situation strikes, most people lash out or go with a knee-jerk reaction. This is a huge mistake and can actually do more harm than good. Instead, take a moment to assess the situation and define the problem accurately. Einstein said, “If I had one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem.” This is the key, and the problem is rarely what is on the surface.

Once you have an idea of the issue causing the stress you can plan on your response. Plan is the key word, not act…not yet. Look at the different angles you can explore and then see which fits the problem the best. This step is pointless if you do not accurately define the problem and is actually even more stressful.

Define the problem, seek best solution, and THEN you can act. Keep in mind sometimes the best action is inaction. Especially, if it is something with another person. Sometimes taking the high road is the best solution to avoid an even bigger fight or more issues.

Example of a stressful situation: The roof is leaking and the ceiling has caved in. There is no extra money in the account and the bills are all due. The problem is the leaking roof and no money to fix it. Solutions could be to ask a friend with roofing experience; find a roofer who will take payments; get an extension on a bill; borrow the money; etc. Then figure out the one solution you would be able to live with and go with it.

The way we handle stress is vital to our health. It is the key to aging well and once stress can be managed, it can be beaten.


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