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Make Healthy Eating a Priority

by Lori Sciame August 5th, 2023 | Health Observance, Men's Health
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orangeAs a man ages, his odds of developing certain diseases increases. For example, his chances of developing heart disease and prostate cancer are especially high if he chooses not to consume healthy foods.  As outlined by Livestrong.com, “according to the American Dietetic Association, aging men need vitamins and nutrients to sustain a healthy quality of life.”  Read on to learn ways to make healthy eating a priority for a man over 50.

Say Farewell to Fast Food

50 year old men and older can probably remember the time in history when fast food did not permeate society.  Contrary to today’s world, there wasn’t a McDonald’s in every town, and other fast food places such as Taco Bell and Burger King had not even hit the landscape.  People who lived then had few choices when it came to eating out, and of those choices, most places featured “home cooked meals.”

Any you know what?  People were much thinner in those days!  Without the temping ads on TV, food didn’t seem to be as much of an American obsession.  People ate when they were hungry, not when they were temped by fast food joints!

The lesson here is easy:  steer clear of fast food as much as possible.  We all know that Big Macs contain over 500 calories, while if one ate a chicken breast at home, he would only consume about 200 calories!

If a man over 50 begins to shy away from a fast food habit, his health will be destined to improve.

Find the Fruit Aisle

Men over 50 may also lack awareness that fresh is always best.  Maybe a man has loved canned fruit his entire life, but he may not know that canned varieties usually contain a lot of unneeded sugar.  It’s best to purchase fruits in season to consume the most beneficial vitamins and minerals. Let me make it simple: spring means strawberries and rhubarb, early summer will bring blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, and late summer features apples galore.  Take advantage of these fresh fruits when they are in season, and during the winter, supplement with fruits flown in from Hawaii and other warm locations.

The Veggies are Next to the Fruit

Once a man locates fresh fruits, veggies will be next.  Although it may seem difficult to learn how to prepare fresh vegetables, with the Internet, recipes will be easy to find.  Just like fresh fruit, fresh vegetables offer more vitamins and minerals.  Opt for locally grown produce whenever possible, and remember, the darker the lettuce is, the better it is for you!

Vary Food Colors

A final tip for healthier eating during middle age concerns color.  Opt for a variety of colors for each meal. For example, enjoy green asparagus with red strawberries and a white chicken breast.  It may seem simple, but varying the colors of fruits and vegetables (and eating much less red meat) will ensure that all vitamins are consumed.

Don’t Wait

No matter a man’s past eating habits, it’s never too late to begin a quest towards healthier eating!


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