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More Dating Red Flags

by Lori Sciame June 18th, 2012 | Relationships
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A few weeks ago I outlined red flags that you should heed when dating.  These included a pattern of broken promises and being cheap beyond reason.  Also, if your friends, family, and even acquaintances do not like your boyfriend or girlfriend, you should ask yourself why don’t they?  For this post, I will share a few more red flags to watch out for.

No Photos, Please!

It seems as if it would be a no-brainer, but many  men and women do not realize that if your significant other does not want to be photographed with you, then your relationship is probably not a strong one.  Also, if you give your boyfriend a photo of you in a frame, and you go to his apartment or house, and it’s nowhere to be found, look out.

In a real relationship, your girlfriend will want tons of pictures with you, and she will happily place your photo in a prominent location in her home.  I had a boyfriend once who didn’t mind being photographed with me – if we weren’t touching, or if we were in a group shot.  I found out later he had told everyone we were just friends.  OUCH!

That’s MY Phone

Another red flag surrounds cell phone use.  If your girlfriend guards her phone, never letting it out of her sight, or if your boyfriend never lets your read his texts, then be careful.  I’m not advocating that each of you should not be able to have privacy when it comes to cell phone use, but if it seems as if your loved one never lets you near it, then it could be a problem.  I knew a woman whose boyfriend often talked to his “mother” on the phone while with her.  Come to find out, “mom” was his other woman.

Could You Do Me a Favor?

Most people want to be in a relationship that promotes equality, a state of being where both parties feel valued.  Be careful if you are dating a woman who demands a lot of favors at the beginning of the relationship, such as picking up her favorite ground coffee (three containers of it), and running to pick up her children from school (five days a week).  When it’s her birthday, you shower her with gifts, but when your big day arrives, she states simply, “I don’t believe in giving gifts.”  Repeat after me – SELFISH!

I Love GPS

I can help you avoid cheaters and control freaks if you listen to the following advice – don’t allow GPS tracking on your cell phone linked to his.  Why?  Either he wants to know your location at all times, because he doesn’t want to bump into you when he’s with his other girlfriend, or he doesn’t trust you at all.  Sure, I can see the validity of GPS tracking on cell phones in certain instances, but GPS tracking of a person you have just started to date does not make sense at all.

Comment if you have any red flags I’ve missed.


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