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Myths Concerning Healthy Aging

by Kimberly Hays September 23rd, 2022 | Aging Well
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older farmerThere are several myths about what happens as we age, and that certain things are inevitable. This is simply not true. As we celebrate each landmark birthday, we are becoming wiser, and we are constantly reinventing ourselves. We discover new joy in life by adjusting to changes, focus more on friendships and family, and have the time to give back to our community. The myths come from hyperbole created in the media, and sometimes people who have heard the myths and pass them on as fact. To keep things in perspective, here is a list of myths about healthy aging to remind you that you are much tougher than you may have thought!

Myth: Declining Health or Disability is Inescapable

Although the fact is that there are many diseases that are more common in the older set, it does not mean that you will inevitably become very sick or end up using a wheelchair or other device for assistance in walking. The fact is that many older people enjoy great health, even more so than a lot of younger folks. Continue eating a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise, and keep a positive attitude. These three things alone can greatly reduce the threat of injuries and serious illness in your later years of life.

Myth: Memory Loss is Inevitable

When we age, it may take a little longer to recall some things than it used to, but substantial memory loss is not to be anticipated. You just need to keep your brain working by continuing to learn new things. Try working puzzles, learning a new craft, or join a social activity like a book club or art class, for instance. Just find something that you like to do, or that you have always wanted to do, and start now.

Myth: Older People Cannot Accept Change

This is one of the worst myths ever because those who buy into this falsehood can be hurt the most. Do not ever believe that you do not have something to contribute or cannot easily adapt well to a new environment. Those who are middle aged and older are just as capable to adapt and thrive in a new environment, as well as contribute to the lives of others. Think about this – the life experience that comes with age, as well as the confidence that comes along with it, can set an older person up to adapt more easily than someone much younger. What is required is that you realize this and that you keep a positive attitude. Remember, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

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