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Spirulina: A Special Superfood

by Lori Sciame May 13th, 2022 | Diet
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spThere is a superfood that you need to learn more about if you haven’t heard of it yet.  Spirulina, a blue green algae present in both fresh and salt water, has been named one of the best diet additives.  It is full of vitamins and protein, plus some believe that the substance is beneficial in ridding the body of radiation. If the thought of eating algae doesn’t appeal to you, however, no problem. Spirulina comes in tablets and capsules for easy consumption. Check out this informative article on our sister website, My Fitness Tunes, to learn more about whether this superfood is right for you.

Spirulina is 100% vegan and you can look for a vegan certification symbol on better quality supplements.

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