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Three Tips on Attraction

by Lori Sciame December 29th, 2023 | Relationships
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Establishing rapport quickly when introduced to someone new can come in handy. This instant connection can work wonders when going to job interviews, when meeting co-workers for the first time, and when establishing relationships with clients. First impressions really do make a difference at the office; they also make a difference in matters of the heart. I pity the person who has a heart of gold, but who walks around with a frown instead of a smile. She may wonder why no man ventures near, yet the impression she unknowingly presents – leave me alone!

Easy ways to improve first impressions do exist. If a person who wants a relationship tries the following tips, he or she will invariably attract new suitors.


Since it’s the holidays, I will use Scrooge as an example. Most people are familiar with this famous Christmas tale. Scrooge, an old miser, lives a lonely life despite being rich, well-read, and connected. He even has a nephew working for him. It isn’t until he lets go of past anger and embraces the good in life that he begins to attract others to him. Basically, he transforms from a growling menace to a smiling gentleman.

A single man who goes about his business never laughing, never even cracking a smile, should seriously loosen up – if he wants to appear more attractive. Everyone knows, much of a person’s appeal comes from his attitude, and if a man looks like he enjoys life, he will soon find himself with more prospects. This tip may seem too simple to be true, but that is the beauty of it. Sometimes simple things can have a huge impact.

Eye Contact

Although presenting yourself as generally a happy person is a great beginning, the next step would be to indicate interest. If a woman complains of loneliness, she should meet the gaze of those around her instead of looking at her iPhone or at the ground. This is because locking eyes with an attractive person can send shivers up the spine.

I know a young woman who first made eye contact with a man at a local sub shop. They didn’t talk, but still a good impression had been made. Over the next several months, the pair kept running into each other at the college they both attended, and again, their eyes would linger, gazes lasting several seconds. Finally, one of them felt brave enough to say hello. Currently, they act like soul mates.

Common Connection

Although smiling and eye contact can be implemented easily in a one’s first impression arsenal, the next tip may be a bit more difficult. Establishing a common connection when first meeting someone can increase the chances that a romantic relationship may blossom. It may be something as simple as being from the same town (state), or even reading the same book, but if a man or woman can find something in common with the person he or she finds intriguing, then it will guarantee a good first impression.

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