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Ways to Trick Yourself into Eating Healthy

by Editorial Team February 28th, 2018 | Nutrition
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Are you a picky eater? Do you often buy fruits and vegetables with good intentions, only to let them wither away in the refrigerator? There are a few simple ways to implement eating more vegetables and fruits in your diet. We found some unusual methods to keep yourself healthy and full of energy throughout the day.

Stay Healthy With Supplements
Whether you are eating healthy or not, you can get your daily requirement of nutrients by taking different supplements. If you’re feeling fatigued throughout the day, you may have an iron or omega-3 deficiency. To check vitamin deficiency symptoms and learn which supplements you may need to take, look at Reviewy. This site has reviews of different supplement brands and can help you choose a supplement for your needs. So, forget about forcing in another bite of broccoli; you can get a better vitamin count with vitamin supplements.

Humans as a species are lazy. You tend to snack on fattening and sugary sweets because they are lying around your house. If you make healthier snacks more available, you will eat those instead. Throw out your chips and cookies and replace it with a bowl of fruit to grab a quick, healthy snack. Trail mix or candied nuts pack in more protein than a candy bar. And freshly washed vegetables with a hummus dip make a good snack. Finally, a simple to make shake is another good option for a healthy snack. To make things even easier, you can even get a shake as a tasty dietary supplement, ensuring you receive all of the nutrients you need for healthy digestion, boosted energy levels, muscle strength, and overall health. You can see some Proplant Complete Shake reviews here as a guide. As long as they’re easily available, you will eat healthier snacks.

Just like you’ll eat more healthy foods due to their availability, you will also chow down on food that is already prepared. That’s the whole point of fast food: you can skip doing the dishes and the waiting and just eat some ready-made food. Unfortunately, fast foods and frozen dinners contain too many saturated fats and sugars. Skip the high-calorie food and pick a night you are free and do some meal prep. Roast some chicken or fish and have a few portions of protein on hand for lunch or dinner for the week. Wash and cut vegetables, make some rice or quinoa, and toast some almonds to have perfect sides for your protein. Then when you’re coming home after a long day, you can spoon out a portion, heat it up and enjoy a nutritious meal.

It’s amazing how many veggies, nuts and fruits you can squeeze into dishes and actually improve their flavor. Although pizza isn’t the healthiest choice, add vegetable toppings and enjoy added nutrients to your dish. If you want sushi for dinner, add vegetables such as carrots, avocados, cucumbers, mushrooms and sweet potatoes into your rolls. You can add nuts or raisins onto desserts like cakes or brownies, getting a boost of protein and omega-3. This way, you can enjoy your favorite meal and know you added a healthy element to your dish.

Fruit for Dessert
Dessert adds thousands of calories and unwanted sugars into your daily calorie intake, but it’s hard to switch from eating dessert once or twice a day to never. If you want a burst of sweetness, switch your dessert to fruit cups, including berries. Replace any processed or baked goods and go for fresh, like brightly colored berries. Substituting a dessert for a healthier version is a great way to start eating healthy.

Vegetables and Fruits: They’re Not All Bad
If you have an aversion to healthy food, tricking yourself into eating healthier is the way to go. Keep washed and cut fruits and vegetables available, and dig into a bowl of pistachios instead of chips. Add vegetable toppings to your dishes like pasta, pizza or salad. Skip dessert and exchange it for a refreshing bunch of grapes. Soon, you’ll learn to love the taste of the added foods, and your body will be better for it.

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