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Alcohol Strains Relationships

by Lori Sciame April 5th, 2024 | Health Observance
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Living in a state known for its high rates of drinking, I fully understand the negative ramifications of alcohol use on relationships. In Wisconsin (the state where I reside), alcohol is included in almost every social gathering, from family holidays to backyard barbecues. In fact, Wisconsin has more bars/taverns than grocery stores. Because of this, adults and children alike are affected by the misuse of this powerful depressant. Check out the following list concerning the negative effects of alcohol on relationships.


Parents who drink heavily run the risk of harming their children in a number of different ways. If a mother picks up her child from school after she has been drinking, she is putting not only herself but also her child in danger of a car accident. Also, children of heavy drinkers may be neglected, or worse, physically abused. Of course, not all parents become “mean” drunks, some just black out (which means they quit encoding memories). This leads a parent to forget what his or her child says. This can cause serious problems, such as missed appointments or a son or daughter being forgotten at a friend’s house. Although the effects of heavy alcohol use on children vary widely, it must be acknowledged that drinking can seriously damage the relationship between a mother and child or a father and child.


Drinking can also damage a marital relationship. Alcohol may cause one half of the couple to miss work, to shirk responsibilities, to become violent, or to spend money carelessly. In addition, since alcohol reduces inhibitions, it may lead to infidelity. We have all heard sad songs about the man or woman sitting at home while his or her partner is spending the night out drinking. These songs may be sappy, but they do reflect real life. Being the husband or wife of an alcoholic can be a tough job. Hundreds of thousands of marriages have been destroyed due to alcoholism.


An employee who misses work due to heavy alcohol use runs the risk of alienating his or her coworkers, and eventually the boss. An employee who is hung over or still drunk can not effectively contribute at work, and those employees who have to pick up the slack will become angry and eventually resentful. Missing work repetitively due to drinking will cause the employee/employer relationship to deteriorate even further. In some occupations, coming to work drunk may cause work site injuries and even death. As one can surmise, the relationship between an employee and an employer will be compromised if a person suffers from alcoholism.

Concluding Thoughts

Since I’ve been exposed to heavy alcohol use my entire life, I have dozens of stories about how alcohol negatively affects relationships. I know of parents who have taken their children to the bar day after day. I know couples who spend all weekend drinking. I know employees who drink on their lunch hours. As far as relationships go, quitting drinking may be the only solution for these people.

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