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Health Crossroads for Men

by Lori Sciame April 19th, 2024 | Men's Health
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Men experience key times in their lives when their health may be compromised due to changes in behavior, changes in the environment, or even changes within their own bodies. These health crossroads can either be approached with a sense of confidence and control or with fear and ignorance. Curious? Read on to find out more about times when a man should make his health even more of a priority.

Sexual Initiation

A man needs to consider his health status when he becomes sexually active. Instead of approaching his sex life without accurate knowledge, he should gather information on how to keep himself and his sexual partner(s) safe from disease. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) can significantly impact a man’s life. For instance, herpes can change how a man views himself, as it is a disease that can never be cured.

Other STI’s, including chlamydia and warts, are common among young people. Hence, a man should wear protection in the form of condoms AND use a spermicide to protect himself. Basically, if a man deems himself ready to be sexually active, then he should realize he needs to consider a variety of new health issues.

Becoming a Father

When a couple decides to have a child, a man needs to be in the best physical shape possible BEFORE the pregnancy occurs. Steering clear of drugs and alcohol and eating a healthy diet will allow his sperm to be healthier as well. After the baby is born, a man will lose sleep, lose time alone with his wife, and even lose former relationships. Knowing that a man’s health status needs to be addressed surrounding the birth of a child should also be acknowledged.

Goodbye Youth

Once a man has a family, a job, and other pressing responsibilities, health may take a back seat. This could cause a man to gain weight as a result of exercising less and eating more. A man has a choice: he can choose to “let himself go,” or he can fight to keep reasonably fit for his family (and for himself). Many men complain that they can’t lose weight as quickly as they used to when they were teenagers, yet this happens to everyone; aging slows the metabolism. By taking charge of his exercise and nutrition habits at this crossroad, he can live an active, life well into old age.

Disease Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with a life changing disease presents another crossroads in the life of a man. Although a man may not be able to change his fate, he again has a choice. If he finds out he has diabetes, he should learn all he can about living with this chronic illness. For instance, those with diabetes need to monitor blood sugar carefully. Or if a man is diagnosed with cancer, he can gather additional opinions about the best treatment options available to him. There is one thing a man newly diagnosed with a disease should never do: ignore the problem. Tackle the diagnosis with a desire to live the best life possible.

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