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Three Reasons Not to Rush a Relationship

by Lori Sciame February 23rd, 2024 | Relationships
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Their eyes meet, and it’s instant chemistry. They both smile as they gravitate toward each other. Soon they engage in conversation. Twenty minutes later he asks for her number. One of them thinks it’s been fun talking to a like minded person, and the other is already thinking about the engagement ring.

It doesn’t matter who has jumped the gun, the man or the woman. What does matter is the fact that trying to rush a new relationship usually ends in disaster. Intrigued? If yes, read on to learn about three reasons not to rush a romantic relationship.

The Stalker Label

If a person does not want to be branded a stalker, then he or she needs to vow to take a new relationship slowly. Instead of texting someone 30 times the first day you have his number, opt for a more laid back approach. Similarly, don’t bring flowers and take a woman to a jewelry store on the first date. Both of these examples suggest a person who is desperate for a relationship, any relationship. And above all else, don’t arrange accidental meetings, such as standing outside her Finite Math class, then acting as if you were just walking by! So, to avoid being labeled a stalker, don’t rush the relationship.

Time Will Tell

Lots of men and women make great first impressions. He or she may seem to be perfect from the get go; however, time helps to reveal true character. For instance, a man may come on strong and sweep a woman off her feet. He generously offers to pay some of her bills, and he offers to fix a broken faucet…all in the first week of a relationship. RED FLAGS, right? Sure, some men (or women) may feel love at first sight, but for the most part, people who come on this strong tend to be hiding something. This is another reason not to rush a relationship. Time has a way of showing who a person really is.

Relish the Romance

As science tells us, we humans enjoy the feeling of new love. It is actually a type of natural high. Why, then, would anyone want to rush through the romance? It makes no sense to go from zero to eighty when it comes to love relationships. Take in that first kiss, that first long talk, that first trip together while living blissfully in the moment. If the relationship is meant to last, it will be better to build it on a truly lived courtship, instead of one that has zoomed by.

Love Will Bloom

There are many reasons to not rush a relationship. From not being labeled a stalker to living each moment in a courtship fully, it pays to slow a love connection down. Avoid a failed relationship by taking the time to really get to know the other person better, open your heart, and love just may bloom for you!

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